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Adi Hughes grew up in the south of England, and inspired by his classic rock guitar heroes, picked up the guitar at the age of sixteen. He took to the instrument very quickly, and soon became an established lead guitarist on the local gigging circuit.

Realising his growing passion for music, Adi decided he would like to turn professional, and enlisted the personal tuition of Robert Chapman (Chapman Guitars). After refining his skills, and experimenting with teaching part time, Adi's desire only grew further. This led him to enrol at London's ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance), where he broadened his knowledge and taste to a whole new array of musical performance, technique and style; from pop and rock to jazz, blues, reggae, various world music and much more.

Since graduating with a Higher Diploma in Guitar (Diploma in Popular Music Performance), Adi settled down with his wife in Andover, Hampshire. He has performed on the local and function circuit, played on the occasional session, and released his debut EP, Departing Sanity, a three track rock guitar instrumental via his own record label, Flaming Records.

His main passion though, is teaching music. As a CRB checked Registered Guitar Tutor, he runs a popular and highly sought after guitar tuition business from his home teaching studio. He teaches a busy rota of students, specialising in all modern styles of electric and acoustic guitar, bass, bluegrass banjo, and music theory. His students are of all ages and range from complete beginners, to experienced gigging musicians. He has an extensive range of lessons on his popular YouTube channel, and has an “Ask The Guitar Teacher” account on where guitar students can contact him for advice. Adi also writes guest contributions for online guitar tuition websites, and has had his lessons published on RGT Blog, Acoustic Guitar Playing, and Guitar Coach Mag.

If you'd like to know more about Adi and his musical career, please feel free to contact him via the contact page.


“Adi has taken me from a complete beginner who cannot play one chord, to being able to improvise and play complex pieces of music through a journey of theory, practice guides and best of all... fun. All of which have kept me motivated to keep learning despite being someone who flirts from hobby to fad and back again on a regular basis.”

Rich Hill - Student

“I was impressed by Adi’s realisation that promoting yourself as a musician/artist went hand-in-hand with the dedication of improving and refining his instrumental skills. His YouTube presence was extremely well thought out, informative, and engaging.”

James Brister ICMP - Industry Liaison Manager
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Adi Hughes grew up in the south of England, and inspired by his classic rock guitar heroes, so..

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